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My Personal Top 10

Seeing as I havent danced in like forever... here is my current Top Ten as they stand...!

       Rock Your Body 

     02.  Nu Flow

     03.  Over You

     04.  Shian Rock (Past The Point Of Rescue)

     05.  Do Your Thing


     06.  Interactive

     07.  Liverpool Fling

     08.  Sweet Little Dangerous

     08.  Razor Sharp

     09.  If Tomorrow Never Comes (Karl Cregeen)

     10 . The one to Jamelia's Superstar - the name of which escapes me!

Only a slight change but no doubt will change dramatically once I get back on track with me dances!




UPDATED Jan 15th '04



Having a hellish time trying to update... internet very expensive in halls of residence, and university computers wont let me save my site on to disc. And as my computer had to be totally reset the day before I moved due to a NASTY virus, I lost all the files. Soo... until I move out... its like this Im afraid! Will try to make some updates if I can!



If you happen to have any questions you may want me to answer you can email me at




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